Welcome to the LaTeX Letterizer Project

LaTeX Letterizer Project is a robust open source PDF document generator application for desktop environments. It uses the dinbrief class written by K.D. Braune and R. Gussmann to produce high quality letters standardised with DIN 676. LaTeX Letterizer implements a graphical user interface with help of efficient GTK+ libraries which increases the usability of the any TeX environment. Therefore this application becomes essential for any user, regardless from the experiences in TeX documenting. Written in C, the LaTeX Letterizer is a fast and highly portable application, supporting usage of different languages and image formats.

Find out more on LaTeX Letterizer and visit the News and Documentation sections of the site. Download also the latest release of LaTeX Letterizer here to get started. The source code related information like repositories, task lists, bug reports including contribution for the project can be viewed in Code section.

Integration of parser tools

As a new feature, the LaTeX Letterizer has integrated the lex/flex and yacc/bison GNU parsing tools for reading and/or writing the configuration files for the application.

LateX Letterizer v1.0.2 Release is available!

Since the 0.9.3 release LaTeX Letterizer has evolved to offer more functions and enhanced features. The project integrates many other libraries and tools to increase the portability and the usability. The new release can be directly accessed from the Download page. LaTeX Letterizer 1.0.2v enhancements are as follows:

  • GNOME libxml2 library is now being used,
  • GNU Autotools have been integrated,
  • Design and Integration of Letterizer Data Format,
  • File Handling operations: New, Open, Save and Save As,
  • Few Bugs have been cleaned.

GNU Autotools Support

To increase the usability in different Unix-Like operating systems, LaTeX Letterizer has now integrated GNU Autotools. The portable code is available since [v35] in the development tree and can be directly downloaded from the svn repositories. For more information for getting the code see section Code::Repository .

LaTeX Letterizer v0.9.3 Release is available!

The first release of LaTeX Letterizer is now available on Download. Get this release as gunzipped tarball and install it on your system now. The features of the v1.0 are:

  • Graphical User Interface (GTK+ libraries based)
  • Support for user settings.
  • Preferences Menu
  • Addition of Custom signature graphics

Data Format Support for LaTeX Letterizer

LaTeX Letterizer is able to save and load the user data in a specified format. This enhancement is being marked as the closing implementation of the Menu Bar until further requests.

Artworkers Needed!

As the project moves rapidly to the first release, the need of icons for the application becomes more significant. Therefore, all interested artworkers are welcome for help, to design high quality icon(s). Detailed information can be obtained via sending a mail at:
js_bach [at] freenet [dot] de.

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