Welcome to the LaTeX Letterizer Project

LaTeX Letterizer Project is a robust open source PDF document generator application for desktop environments. It uses the dinbrief class written by K.D. Braune and R. Gussmann to produce high quality letters standardised with DIN 676. LaTeX Letterizer implements a graphical user interface with help of efficient GTK+ libraries which increases the usability of the any TeX environment. Therefore this application becomes essential for any user, regardless from the experiences in TeX documenting. Written in C, the LaTeX Letterizer is a fast and highly portable application, supporting usage of different languages and image formats.

Find out more on LaTeX Letterizer and visit the News and Documentation sections of the site. Download also the latest release of LaTeX Letterizer here to get started. The source code related information like repositories, task lists, bug reports including contribution for the project can be viewed in Code section.