Recent changes, updates, releases and many other announcements related to project are listed at this section as a list.


GNU Autotools Support

To increase the usability in different Unix-Like operating systems, LaTeX Letterizer has now integrated GNU Autotools. The portable code is available since [v35] in the development tree and can be directly downloaded from the svn repositories. For more information for getting the code see section Code::Repository .

LaTeX Letterizer v0.9.3 Release is available!

The first release of LaTeX Letterizer is now available on Download. Get this release as gunzipped tarball and install it on your system now. The features of the v1.0 are:

  • Graphical User Interface (GTK+ libraries based)
  • Support for user settings.
  • Preferences Menu
  • Addition of Custom signature graphics

Data Format Support for LaTeX Letterizer

LaTeX Letterizer is able to save and load the user data in a specified format. This enhancement is being marked as the closing implementation of the Menu Bar until further requests.

Artworkers Needed!

As the project moves rapidly to the first release, the need of icons for the application becomes more significant. Therefore, all interested artworkers are welcome for help, to design high quality icon(s). Detailed information can be obtained via sending a mail at:
js_bach [at] freenet [dot] de.

Menu Bar for GUI

Dynamical menu list has been added to the front end which supports different image formats and languages. All menu items except than "Open" and "Save" have been successfully implemented and committed to the svn repository (See Code).

Mailing List and GUI

The LaTeX Letterizer project now owns a mailing list for the end users. To subscribe to the list, please send a mail to: ltxletterizer-users-request [at] lists [dot] sourceforge [dot] net with the "Subscribe" as Subject or you can use the web interface at: ltxletterizer-users. At the time being the necessity of a developer mailing list is low and therefore will not be arranged. Meanwhile the first implementations of the front end(GUI) has been committed to the SVN server. This version offers the basic functionality without any menus.

Installation of Web Interface

Due to better web presentation and powerful modular enhancements, the Drupal Content Management Platform will be used from now on for the default web space of the project. The initial portal is still available within the but will not be updated anymore.

Basic Back-End Ready To Use!

The basic functionality of the LaTeX Letterizer has been implemented and ready to use. A simple process management and the software related main data structures have been developed and can be downloaded from the SVN repository (See Code). With user interaction in shell environment, the executable can create pdf letters.

Assignment of Web Space

Sourceforge has assigned a web space for LaTeX Letterizer. At the same time the development focuses heavily on the back-end of the software

Project Kick-Off

Repetative and slow modification of TeX files during the creation of formal letters has pushed to develop a user friendly application with GUI which uses the dinbrief class. The open source application will be implemented under the project name LaTeX Letterizer and will be hosted at Sourceforge.